Philip de Roo (1985 - 2015)

This young Dutchman was 'on-a-mission', to make the world a happier and more sustainable place for all. His aim was to inspire others to begin this mission, on any level, so that collectively, we together can make a change, larger than ourselves.

"Everyone's perfect, until you get to know them"
The better you know someone, you see and witness their flaws, the unique characteristics that separate them, their strengths and really find out what defines their core. Philip and I were beginning to know this of each other and we had a mutual respect that is earned during moments of challenge and hardship. Like so many others, I felt this was just the beginning...

I had the opportunity to document Philip and his sustainable happiness campaign 'ExpeditieGeluk'. Given access to be the 'fly-on-the-wall' and to witness and be able share some of the insights from this challenging Dutch expedition in a documentary, was a great privilege!

Philip, I will always remember your hug and your love of banana bread.

Thank you Philip for being you.


* To download the portrait of Philip please find it on the ExpeditieGeluk website (Photo: Jon Earle)

** Someone in Philip's network requested a hard copy (DVD) of the Expeditie Geluk documentary, if any of Philip's network are interested, please contact me by 12/6 via info(at) and I will send you the information

Expeditie Geluk: 'The Story' Documentaire (22 mins)

Twee Nederlandse atleten, Philip de Roo (poolreiziger) en Marianne van der Steen (ijsklimmer), lopen in 62 dagen 1650 kilometer rondom Nederland. Dit fysiek en mentaal uitdagende avontuur test de twee atleten tot op het bot terwijl ze 'geluk' en het effect daarvan op kinderen onderzoeken tijdens hun expeditie. 
Hoe ver wil je gaan voor geluk?

Expedition Happiness: 'The Story' Documentary (with English subtitles)

Two Dutch athletes: Philip de Roo (polar traveller) and Marianne van der Steen (ice-climber) embark on a 1650 kilometre expedition around the Netherlands. This physical and mentally challenging project tests the athletes as they explore the issue of happiness, and how it affects Dutch children.
How far would you go for happiness?